Politics and Religion

There are quite a lot of topics that pique everyone’s interests, but none quite as volatile as the dreaded two: politics and religion. No matter what your stance on the issues, they are fun to debate but impossible to win. Have you ever posted your opinion to a news blog only to have it segway into twenty or so different rants about how other people view a certain topic? These types of text wars can be fun at first, but after about thirty minutes of wearing the keys off of your keyboard, you’ll discover that there’s no way to coerce the other side to see things from your perspective and vice-versa.

There have been countless family reunions and Thanksgiving dinners end in bitter disappointment after a heated political or religious debate, which is why most people prefer not to bring up the two topics. However, controversial headlines of what is happening in our country today can be hard to skirt around when in the company of opinionated friends, family or co-workers. How far you choose to go with a topic may mean the difference between being invited to hang out after work or being ostracized.

Where I stand politically can be categorized, but I prefer to state “I’m Neither” when asked if I’m conservative or liberal, republican or democrat, protestant or catholic… the list goes on. There are an increasing number of people out there like me who are tired of taking sides and would rather let common sense dictate where they stand… common sense of course being a relative term.

There will be a lot of controversial topics in this blog, most of which will probably spark their own little text wars. This is not a news blog, so the content on here will rarely be objective. I will look at issues from both sides and determine the side I want to take on each topic.

That being said, I look forward to ranting!


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